8 July 2016

XCOM 2 Adds Weapons and Abilities in New Mods

More XCOM 2 mods from Long War Studios have been released to the Steam Workshop, and this time they're adding new ways to rework your soldiers' abilities and kill aliens with lasers.
     The first of the two mods is the Long War Perk Pack, which adds more to your perk choices per promotion rank from two to three. Additionally, it adds or reworks more than 70 abilities, which can be assigned to soldiers, gear, or aliens. 10 new Personal Combat Sims that grant unique abilities have also been added, and the tactical UI now supports more than 15 active abilities.
The Long War Laser Pack, on the other hand, adds a new laser tier for XCOM's weaponry, which includes new variants for assault rifles, shotguns, cannons, sniper rifles, pistols, and SMGs. Each weapon features a new model and textures and comes with its own particle effects and sounds.