8 July 2016

PS4's VR Game Boxes Have a Very Casual Way of Telling You What You Need

     With the launch of PlayStation VR set for later this year, boxes for VR-only games are going to need a way to communicate to consumers that more than just a PS4 is required to play them. Sony seems to have come up with a very casual way of doing so.
    Box art for a pair of PS VR launch games, PlayStation VR Worlds and Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, have appeared on Best Buy's website. Both feature identical additions to the usual PS4 packaging. 

    Near the top, it declares itself a PlayStation VR game. Down near the bottom-right, there's another, exceedingly informal message that reads "You'll need these" along with images of a PS VR headset and PlayStation camera.
    Both Rigs and VR Worlds launch on October 13 in the United States, the same day as PS VR itself. It will be available for $400, though a $500 bundle will also be available that includes a copy of VR Worlds, the required camera, and two PlayStation Move controllers (which are used with some games).