23 June 2016

Halo 5's largest expansion ever arriving next week

   Halo 5's eighth free expansion, Warzone Firefight, will be launching on June 29, Microsoft revealed today. To celebrate its release, Microsoft is letting everyone play Halo 5 completely free June 29 through July 5 as part of the Free Play Days promotion. Additionally, during this time Halo 5 will be marked down by 50 percent. Previous Free Play Days events have been themed around sports games.
As for Warzone Firefight, one of the biggest new additions is the Warzone Firefight mode. 343 previously tested this mode back in April as part of an open beta. 

    There are also three new multiplayer maps, including two for Warzone (Attack on Sanctum and Prospect) and one for Arena (Molten). As for the new Reqs, these include the Cinder and Cyclops armor sets, as well as new Covenant vehicle and weapon variants, among others.
     It's not just Halo 5's multiplayer that's getting new content with the Warzone Firefight expansion. 343 is bringing a Score Attack mode to campaign, while a new Forge canvas, Tidal, will be available for the map-making tools.