7 March 2016

Rocket League Exceeds Milestone On Xbox One

   Rocket League's Xbox One release is proving to be quite popular. Developer, Psyonix, has revea led that the Xbox One version, which was launched on February 17, has now surpassed more than 1 million unique players. The game may not have actually sold that many copies on Xbox One, however. As Psyonix explained previously, since Rocket League offers split-screen play, each individual Xbox Gamertag is counted. This means the 1 million unique figures includes people who played Rocket League, but didn't necessarily buy a copy.

   Still, 1 million is a big number. As of February 26, Rocket League had gotten 12 million players and 4 million copies sold across Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

   Rocket League was developed on a budget of only $2 million and with little marketing push, the game has now generated more than $70 million in revenue. In addition to revenue from game sales (Rocket League sells for $20), Psyonix makes money from Rocket League's $4 expansion packs such as Supersonic Fury, Chaos Run, and Revenge of the Battle Cars.

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