4 March 2016

Penalty For Street Fighter 5 Rage Quitters

  Capcom has released new details on how it plans to penalize "rage-quitters" in its fighting game Street Fighter V. The game was released in February with no penalty system set in place for rage-quitters, something the developer said right away was an issue it hoped to resolve in the future. The measures revealed today represent a short-term fix, while Capcom keeps on building a permanent solution. The developer started off its message today by thanking fans for sending in their videos and other reports detailing the behavior of offending players.

"Ever since last week, we've received a ton of videos both here on Unity and our social channels which we've been able to cross reference with our data and put together a clear picture as to which players are abusing the system," it said. "Though we were pretty confident that players in our system who had high disconnect rates were indeed those who were attempting to avoid a loss at all costs, we didn't want to start dishing out any punishments without clear proof."
Capcom disclosed it worked with its server team to organize a system that allows the studio to see who is "clearly abusing" the system. Now, a solution has been built that can detect rage-quitters without Capcom needing to be supplied a video of the behavior and punishments are coming.
"We will be punishing players on a weekly basis who have extremely high disconnect rates coupled with unrealistic win rates," Capcom said.
The developer also assured players that it will only punish the "worst offenders." If your Internet connection dropped because the power went out or something, you won't face any penalty. Capcom considers someone a "rage-quitter" if they have an 80-90 percent disconnect rate. So what's the penalty for quitters? Pretty severe, as it turns out. Capcom said it will reset a player's League Points for rage-quitting behavior.
"Moving forward, we will be making a sweep each week based on accounts in our system that have abnormally high disconnect rates (particularly at the end of the match) and will reset their League Points," it explained.
Around 30 players have already had their League Points docked--but not totally reset--Capcom said. "Consider this a warning. We will be continuing to monitor these accounts in the coming weeks and will take further action if needed," the developer explained. As for a permanent solution for Street Fighter V rage-quitting, Capcom said it does not yet know when it will be ready or what form it will take. "We will let everyone know as soon as it is in place," it said.

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