4 March 2016

Ubisoft Lays Out Year-Long Plan For The Division In Latest Trailer

   For all the talk comparing Tom Clancy’s The Division to Destiny, there’s only one thing that truly matters - content. Destiny was absolutely lacking it (content) when it launched and some of the best shooting mechanics around couldn’t make up for that. The Division, on the other hand, has arguably worse gunplay, but if the latest trailer is anything to be judged by, at least Ubisoft Massive has plenty of new content planned to keep players occupied for the next 12 months.

 Ubisoft will be kicking things off with monthly content updates, starting with two raids in April and May respectively, designed for squad play and presenting the most severe challenges in the game yet. The May 1.1 Incursions update is designed for end-game play and gives players access to some advanced gear, while 1.2 Conflict in May adds an Incursion set in an all new area - the Columbus Circle. That’s not all either, because Ubisoft also has Season Pass plans comprising a trio of expansions. The first is called Underground, and, obviously enough, has players exploring the abandoned subways beneath New York to find out how deep they can go. Then it’s time for Survival in the summer, which has a squad hunting for supplies and equipment in an effort to stay alive as long as possible. Finally there's Last Stand. Pencilled in for a winter launch, this looks like a horde-style mode in which you must built up base defences and fend off waves of enemies.
Along with all of this, there’s also to be unique daily and weekly missions to keep players checking in, along with weapon drops, special events, and a challenge mode.

Provided all this content is actually even any good, then Ubisoft certainly looks as if it’s learning from the mistakes of Destiny. The Division has been hyped as a game you’re going to be able to play for years, and Ubisoft needs to deliver on that premise.