7 March 2016

Leak Reveals Division Has Destiny-Like Leveling System

     If there’s one big question mark hanging over The Divison, it’s "content". Up until now, we have had just a zero idea of how much, or little, there was to do in this post-disaster New York. Is it going to be a skimpy Destiny? Or a feature-rich World of Warcraft? Well, not to worry...folks have been datamining the pre-load (now live for most) and unearthed all sorts of juicy details about what’s contained within The Division.

     As part of The Division's new data-mining leak, it has now been discovered that Ubisoft's third-person shooter will have Destiny-like leveling system. There’s 26 main missions in The Division. There’s a whole bunch of side-ops to go with this, but in terms of progressing the story you’ll have 26 to blast through. As a point of reference the open beta contained just two main missions, including Subway Morgue. Each mission is about 30 minutes long, so you’re looking at somewhere in the region of 13 hours, although each can be replayed again in hard mode. Once players reach the soft level cap of 30, they can still progress further by acquiring high-level, end-game gear. Whereas this is called Light Level in Destiny, The Division will call it "Gear Score," according to the leak. Players will be able to view their Gear Score and then compare it to other players.
"Improving your gear and increasing your overall Gear Score will grant your agent access to the most dangerous high end challenges," reads a line from the leak. "Your Average Gear Score can be found in the main menu and is visible to other players. It is the average value of all equipped gear pieces."
This latest leak, which comes from Reddit user ChristianRiesen, also confirms an item-trading system, as well as the existence of daily and weekly missions, another Destiny staple. These missions will be automatically obtained when you log into the game and are only available for a limited time.
If you haven't had your fill yet then there's plenty more to peruse on over Reddit but beware, things to do get a lot more spoilerific than what I've outlined here. 

Enough here to warrant a day one buy? Or are you not pulling the trigger until reviews creep in?