7 March 2016

Recent Ni-Oh Gameplay video Combines Dark Souls, Onimusha, and Ninja Gaiden

    There was a time when Team Ninja was seen as the premiere developer of third-person action games. It has since been 12 years since Ninja Gaiden was released for Xbox 360 and PS3, and the studio hasn't given us anything as essential since. However, its next game, Ni-Oh, seems to be shaping up to be something unique. The game has been in development since 2004, but re-appeared in 2015, revealing itself to be a mix of Dark Souls and Capcom's Onimusha, with some obvious inspirations also taken from the studio's own Ninja Gaiden titles.

New gameplay was shown behind-closed-doors at Tokyo Games Show 2015, and now a video of that has appeared online. Check it out above. What strikes me about Ni-Oh is the pace of the game, which is much slower than Team Ninja's titles generally are. Combat looks to be based more around methodical, strategic attacks, as opposed to twitch-based combos.

    Interestingly, the main character has multiple stances, indicating there will be a skill-based component to defence. This is different from Dark Souls, in which simply holding a shield up gets the job done.