23 March 2016

Payday 2 Now Free on Steam

    Overkill Software is celebrating Payday 2's SteamOS launch with a big sale and more on the heist-themed franchise. Now through the end of the month, Payday 2 is entirely free to play. Additionally, everything Payday-related on Steam, including the first game, the sequel, and DLC, is marked down by a healthy 75 percent. Payday 1 is going for $3.74, while Payday 2 can be acquired for $5. The Payday 2: GOTY Edition, which comes with the game and loads of DLC, is available for $12.50. As for Payday 2's SteamOS release, everyone who already bought the game gets a free copy of the SteamOS edition. 

  The game will also be free if you bought the Alienware Steam Machine. The SteamOS version of Payday 2 features Steam Cloud functionality, too, which allows players to keep their files in the cloud and sync them across different operating systems.