23 March 2016

2K Games Announces Open Beta For Battleborn On All Platforms In April

    If you’re anything like me you’ve probably been looking at Battleborn and thinking what the heck it was all about, let alone whether it was worth buying during a packed spring gaming schedule. Well hopefully, we’ll all be able to answer these questions and more when the newly announced Battleborn beta opens its doors to one and all on April 8th for PS4, and April 13th for PC and Xbox One gamers. Players will have up to 11 days to plug away at Battleborn and find out whether it’s the shooter for them, with 2K revealing the beta will run all the way up to April 18th. It’ll offer two of Battleborn’s three multiplayers modes - Meltdown and Incursion - along with two of the eight single-player/co-op story episodes and the full complement of 25 Heroes to play as. 

   The full complement of character progression and unlockables is also going to be present, although it isn’t clear right now if player progress is going to continue over into the full game. Fingers crossed it does because there’s nothing worse than ploughing hours into a beta only to have to start afresh on launch day.
  I have to add that the hype surrounding Battleborn has been extremely muted. The 5v5 gameplay has brought serious MOBA comparisons and it’s also found itself bookended by the arrivals of Paragon and Overwatch. Gearbox is likely hoping this beta serves as a means to get the word out there about Battleborn, but it had better hope the quality is there if it’s opening it up to all and sundry.
How are you feeling about Battleborn, has Gearbox got a flop on its hands or a Borderlands-style blockbuster? Will you be giving the open beta a shot? Let us know!