23 March 2016

Here's How PS4's Power Is Making Uncharted 4 a Better Game

    Naughty Dog has released the fourth video in its "Making Of" series for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. This video is the second part of the "Pushing Technical Boundaries" episode, and it digs deeper into how developers leveraged the power of the PlayStation 4 to make what appears to be a stunning-looking game. The developers talk about being surprised by how substantial a leap forward it was moving from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. They say fans can look forward to a deeper and richer experience in A Thief's End as a result. 

   For one, the world, which has 10X the playable space than any previous Uncharted game, will be life-like in that, when you drive over a dusty field, dust will kick up; if your tires spin out in the mud, expect to get dirty. The video also touches on what's being described as a "completely overhauled" climbing system for main character Nathan Drake. Players will now have control over Drake's individual hands, able to place them onto specific hand holds of their choosing instead of being forced down any one path.

It's also shown us that enemy and friendly AI is no longer always scripted. Both allies and foes will now view levels in 3D space and make contextual adjustements. Don't expect to be able to take cover behind a crate and pick off enemies that way, they'll seek our new strategies and flank you.