23 March 2016

ESports Will Be As Big As Football and Basketball, Says Xbox Executive

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is optimistic about the future for competitive professional gaming. He said recently at the Halo World Championship that he thinks the eSports scene will eventually rise to match the profile of traditional sports such as football and basketball.
"I think for the industry, eSports is going to be as big as regular sports," he said. "You look at the number of people who play games, you look at the different platforms people are playing on, you look at the money that's pouring in, the broadcasts."
Why is Spencer so positive? In short, games are easy to get into. And like traditional sports, gaming requires practice, teamwork, and dedication to rise to the top.

"It's so accessible--anybody can play a game," he said. "I think there's no cap to what eSports can become. Unlike any other sport, you just sit down, grab a controller, and start playing games and build your skills."
Spencer has seen the profile of competitive organized gaming grow in size and scope over the years.
"I think about us back on the original Xbox, plugging wires together," he said. "My eSport was, 'Could I beat the guys in my dorm room?' Now, people are making a living playing Halo. It's great to see how the community comes together to support eSports. It's real. It's fantastic."