11 March 2016

CD Projekt RED Reveal New Game Is Coming In 2016

   The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt RED has announced during its recent financial earnings conference that it will have a new game out in 2016. But before you get yourself into hype overdrive though, the game in question has yet to be announced, ruling out the possibility of Cyberpunk 2077.
Still, mustn’t grumble; I mean, it’s a new game from CD Projekt RED. Just what form it will take is a total mystery though, with the Polish developer only willing to say it will be “a new type of video game formation previously unexplored by the studio.”

    Naturally, plenty of people’s thoughts turn to a mobile game, but it’s also possible we could see a smaller, indie-style title in the offing from the studio, just a possibility anyway. CDPR has said it’s "experimenting" with whatever this is, so it’s certainly going to be an interesting one. 
That’s not all either, because president of the board Adam Kicinski also another unannounced AAA game is in the works from the studio, with a launch planned for some time in the period 2017-2021. I don’t know about you but 2021 sounds awfully futuristic to me… From the sounds of it, there’s plenty in the works from CD Projekt RED then, including the second The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt expansion, Blood & Wine, which is due to arrive any week now I should think. It's not long until E3 2016 either, is there a possibility we could hear more about new CD Projekt RED projects there?