11 March 2016

Halo 5's Next Free DLC Forwarded to April

   Since its launch, Halo 5: Guardians which launched in October has seen the release of a new, free update for the Xbox One shooter every month. New content arrived in November (The Battle of Shadow and Light), December (Cartographer's Gift), January (Infinity's Armor), and February (Hammer Storm). However, 343 has now confirmed that March's content drop, Ghosts of Meridian, won't make it out until early April.
 "Typically, we've released our new content in the middle or end of each month, and this one misses that by just a few days," 343 said in a blog post. "But the terrifying psychological effect of missing that exact monthly cadence cannot be denied!"
   To hold players over, 343 will release "sneak peeks, developer commentary, and perhaps even some surprises" about Ghosts of Meridian as its release draws closer. To date, 343 has said nothing at all about what will be included in the update.
Other upcoming Halo 5 updates include Memories of Reach and Hog Wild, while a new Warzone Firefight mode is also coming to the game. All of these updates are due to launch before the end of summer. Past updates have included new maps, weapons.