5 February 2016

TrackMania Turbo Release Date Announced

The next TrackMania game will be knocking at our doors soon. Ubisoft, today, revealed that TrackMania Turbo will launch on March 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Turbo was originally expected to launch in 2015, but Ubisoft decided to push the game out to 2016 as a result of fan feedback, among other things.

 Turbo is developed by Nadeo, a French studio owned by Ubisoft. In announcing Turbo's delay back in October, Ubisoft said it received valuable feedback from fans, which it takes very seriously. The extra development time was used to "enhance the campaign and the game's interface." The UI has notoriously been convoluted in previous TrackMania games.
Nadeo also spent the extra time improving other areas of the game, including multiplayer and online stability. Additionally, the developer added new features, including a mode that lets you play against friends on "your favorite user-made tracks."