5 February 2016

Pillars Of Eternity to Get Changes When White March Pt 2 Expansion Arrives

There’s a big old 3.0 update being added to Pillars of Eternity later this month. It’s coming along with the final chunk of the White March expansion pack, but you don’t need to pick up the expansion to benefit from the patch. Probably the most interesting element is a Dragon Age Inquisition-style makeover to your Stronghold. This means new story-based adventures, strange visitors to your keep, and a new quest-line whereby your base is under threat.

Along with this, combat has been given a bit of a difficulty bump with the introduction of injuries. Every time one of your party members gets a knock-out while in combat, they’re going to suffer an injury which can act as a debuff. The only way to heal up from these injuries, which stack up, is to rest at a campsite. If the thought of combat getting more challenging has you running to the hills of Eorn, the new Story Time mode could be just what you're after. An optional difficulty, which allows players to focus on the story rather than specialize in combat. While the number of enemies remains unchanged as on Normal, combat bias swings heavily towards the player, and you can also carry unlimited supplies. Sounds neat if you don’t want to butt your head against a string of tricky fights.