15 February 2016

Sniper Elite 4 May Be In The Works At Rebellion

According to the LinkedIn profile of an employee at ADIA Entertainment, a Chinese digital arts company, it was revealed that Sniper Elite 4 is currently in development from the folks at Rebellion. We're coming up to two years since the last Sniper Elite game, so if Rebellion sticks true to form, then the sequel can’t be too far off.

Reports hint that Rebellion plans to reveal the sniping sequel this year, with both GDC in March and E3 in June mooted as potential moments for a reveal. Other than that details are unfortunately very scarce.
All three previous outings have been World War 2-based, so I’m expecting Sniper Elite IV to be no different. It would be nice to see Rebellion freshen up the formula and try a new theatre of war, but then we run the risk of yet another modern warfare title. 
Who's ready for more Sniper Elite? What improvements or changes would you like to see made for Sniper Elite 4?