15 February 2016

How Long Will DOOM's Single-Player Campaign Be?

With the increase of online gaming, you should hardly miss the disappearance of single-player campaigns in first-person shooters. They’re exorbitantly expensive for the amount of time the average player spends in them you see, which could be money and time spent elsewhere, such as on multiplayer map design which are played ad infinitum for years on end.
Some, however, buck the trend, and DOOM looks to be one such game. Despite the multiplayer being a huge focus, DOOM has always been about a meaty single-player experience. Literally. Giblets everywhere. For single-player fans the upcoming reboot could have you hooked for some time, with the official DOOM account tweeting the average play time weighs in at 13 hours plus for the development team. That’s all depending on difficulty, of course, so if you decide to punish yourself on Nightmare mode or something equally crazy, then expect this number to shoot up. Regardless, you can’t say fairer than a 10+ hour campaign, so this puts DOOM firmly in Wolfenstein: The New Order territory, albeit with the frenetic deathmatch to also dip into.

The lifespan of the MP is going to be improved by the new SnapMap feature, through which amateur map makers can snip together various pre-built chunks of maps to create their own unique layouts. What little we saw of it this feature back it E3 it looked impressive, but this does come at the cost of official mod and custom map support. It’s a concession to console gamers, basically, allowing maps to be created and shared in a matter of minutes.