26 February 2016

Remedy Files Trademark For Alan Wake's Return

 Hey BroODD! There’s a new boss in town, in form of "Alan Wake’s Return". You see, Remedy Entertainment, developers of Alan Wake (that psychological survival horror video game) are seemingly not content with busting a gut and getting Quantum Break out in April for both PC and Xbox One, but are also making moves on a sequel to the torch-wielding author who's haunted by demonic spirits. 

  The news comes courtesy of a trademark filed just three days ago over at the European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market site. It seems as if Remedy applied for Alan Wake’s Return on February 23rd, fast tracking the registration process and trademarking it for use with games software, television productions, toys and more. With Quantum Break having gone gold already, that’s a fairly large indicator that Remedy is taking a sequel to the cult classic Alan Wake into consideration. The original was by no means a bestseller, but it’s certainly gained quite a following, so it’s easy to see why Microsoft and Remedy would be considering this.