6 February 2016

How Big Is The Division's World Map Compared To Fallout 4 And Grand Theft Auto V

Despite thousands upon thousands of gamers being allowed to The Division’s Closed Beta, we still didn’t get a firm idea of just how big the digital recreation of Manhattan is. Players only had access to a relatively tiny chunk, but YouTuber, MacroStyle, busied himself with some serious cartographing and got to comparing The Division’s world with the current open-world golden boys - Fallout 4 and Grand Theft Auto V.

Now you’d probably be thinking that comparing the sizes of game worlds would be a fairly simple process. Just put them side by side and voila! But, things are rarely as simple as that. There’s the small matter of scale, you see, making comparisons an arduous process involving lots of tape measures and complex calculations.
MarcoStyle has done the dirty work then, and the results are pretty surprising. Despite The Division being just a tiny slice of New York City, its scale pits very favourably against these two open-world giants. GTA V obviously takes the top spot by quite a margin, but when you factor in The Division’s lack of vehicles and potentially loads of indoor environments, it’s an impressive feat.

With three expansion packs still to come, The Division could be truly gigantic when all is said and done. What do you make of The Division's world then? Is bigger better?