6 February 2016

The Next Overwatch Beta Is Set To Kick Off This Coming Tuesday

After a bit of a lengthy wait, Blizzard has disclosed that the Overwatch beta will be coming this month. The next closed test is planned to kick off this coming Tuesday, February 9th, and will be packing plenty of new goodies for those who have already exhausted the delights of the last beta test.

This includes a brand new game mode, which Blizzard still isn’t talking about, as well as a bunch of new maps and the eagerly anticipated introduction of a long-term progression system. That latter one’s probably going to attract the most interest. Ideally, progression is linked to cosmetics rather than having a stronger character, as this would typically tip matches in favour of Overwatch veterans. Which nobody wants. Except for Overwatch veterans. Some of the other new updates include improved AI bots and private matches. Full patch notes are still forthcoming, with Blizzard promising that they’ll arrive when the beta kicks off.

If you missed out the last time then another wave of invites is due to be sent out, so keep an eye on your inbox in case you get lucky.  Anybody managed to get a go at the last beta? How was it?