4 January 2016

Star Wars Battlefront Turns Things Around, With More Than 12 Million Copies Sold

It might not have been the game some were hoping for, but that hasn’t put a dent in Star Wars Battlefront’s sales success. Despite initial reports that Star Wars Battlefront’s launch hadn’t met publisher EA’s expectations, strong sales since mean the multiplayer shooter is still well on target to hit 13 million units sold by March.
Michael Pachter, industry analyst and punchline to many a gaming joke, has said that Star Wars Battlefront has already shifted over 12 million copies since its launch in November. Six million copies were sold in that first month, but interestingly this figure was matched a month later, no doubt buoyed by the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Just to put that into context - Battlefield 4 sold just seven million units in the six months following its launch, making Star Wars Battlefront a far, far more popular title. Revenues for DICE’s shooter are reportedly already in the region of $660 million, with four DLC packs still to come. Despite the success of the movie, however, DICE has said none of the additional content will be based on The Force Awakens. Saving the new movies for a sequel, perhaps?

“Results exceeded our expectations again”, said EA CFO Blake Jorgensen. “Based on the ongoing strength of our business and reception of Star Wars Battlefront, we are raising our full-year outlook for the second time. Our markets are very healthy, the digital transition continues to drive margins, and engagement in our live services and excitement for our upcoming launches is exceptional”.

The force is certainly strong with this one, but does Star Wars Battlefront truly have lasting appeal? Or is its success riding firmly on the coat-tails of the new movie?