5 January 2016

Big Dynasty Warriors News Coming This Year

Dynasty Warriors fans had been led to expect an announcement regarding the series last year to celebrate its 15-year anniversary. Koei Tecmo has now apologized for not making good on that and has pledged to reveal the news sometime this year.

"Last year, we welcomed the fifteenth anniversary of the Dynasty Warriors series, and we were not able to deliver the news fans were expecting," producer Akihiro Suzuki said in a message on the official website (as translated by Gematsu). "For that, we are very sorry." Disappointing as that might have been for fans, Suzuki had an exciting (albeit exceedingly vague) tease. "This year, we’re preparing to be able to make a big announcement, so please look forward to it," he said.
There's no indication of what the news will be, though we do know a new game in the series is in development. The last core game in the series to be released was Dynasty Warriors 8 in 2013, though that has since received a pair of expansion packs.