13 January 2016

Microsoft Rejects League of Legends HoloLens Pitch

After receiving the most votes for the Share Your Idea program for the HoloLens, Microsoft disclosed that they would not be accepting the pitch for a League of Legends Match Viewer.

The idea behind the pitch is quite simple. With the HoloLens, fans of the game would be able to see the map of League of Legends in its entirety, instead of watching portions in isolation. The user who brought up this idea stated, "The HoloLens will show the entire match playing out in real time...the entire Rift would be at the viewers disposal."

However, Microsoft has since come out with a statement rejecting the proposal:

"We love this idea, the creativity, and the level of support it has received from League of Legends community. However, in order for Microsoft to open source the code to the community as promised, we cannot build a project which is based on existing intellectual property. For more information on how the finalists will be determined, or to discuss how finalists will be determined, please see our related editor’s note. Thanks for sharing your ideas and being part of the HoloLens community!"