16 January 2016

Microsoft Discusses HoloLens Battery Life


The current edition of Microsoft's wireless AR headset HoloLens has a battery life of up to 5.5 hours, Microsoft's Bruce Harris disclosed today at an event in Tel Aviv. Reported by The Verge, Harris made it known that, of course, battery life will depend on your usage. Under "heavy load," battery life will be more in the area of 2.5 hours, Harris ssaid .
  While speaking, Harris said battery life will likely improve over time and also responded to the concerns that some have raised about HoloLens' field of view.

As seen on The Verge:

"Harris explains that using the HoloLens will be similar to looking at a 15-inch monitor that's around two feet from your view. As Microsoft improves its manufacturing of the HoloLens then cost and battery life will improve, potentially resulting in an expanded field of view in future versions."

Additionally, Harris said multiple HoloLens headsets can be linked together, allowing two (or more) people to look at the same object at the same time, thanks to the device's Internet connectivity.