13 January 2016

Payday 2 Meets Goat Simulator in New Heist DLC

Payday 2,  yeah,  that game about heists, is getting a brand new heist, but you won't be stealing money or jewellery this time. No, this isn't your typical heist. Instead, you'll be stealing goats that have smuggled cocaine within their bodies, it's sick, right?. Thankfully, it's not your job to get it out of there.

The Goat Simulator Heist DLC was revealed today by way of trailer, in which the Payday gang are having a difficult time catching the cocaine-smuggling goats. The DLC's webpage gives a little backstory as to why these goats are causing so much chaos for the thieves. Players will have to deliver the goats to Vlad's driver Boris, who has the unfortunately lucky job of extracting the cocaine. Players will then have to wait for Vlad's brother-in-law, the "drunken pilot," to pick them up.

The DLC includes the two-day Goat Simulator heist, one shotgun, four melee weapons, four masks, four patterns, four materials, and five achievements. It arrives in the middle of a 25% experience boost for all players, which starts January 12 and goes until January 20.