27 January 2016

Here's What The Division Looks Like When Maxed Out

These screenshots, with a bevy of maxed out PC screenshots taken at 1080p resolution, along with Nvidia’s GameWorks HBAO+ (Ambient Occlusion) were originally uploaded to Reddit by user Wolfiezee, said “These screens are representative of what maxed out 1080p footage will look like at this current build, however, without effects such as Lens Flares, Vignetting, Chromatic Aberration, and Post FXAA.”

These screens are a bit of a notch down in comparison to the couple of screens we got the other day direct from Ubisoft, so it may be best to temper your expectations if you were basing them off that. I’d say The Division looks decent visually, but nothing to write home about. Ground textures in particular seem poor, as does the foliage. Ubisoft’s clearly opting for scale over anything, so it’s clear it’s going to struggle visually in comparison to a linear, cinematic third-person shooter.

Meanwhile, word is that The Division’s beta codes have all been sent out, so have a quick poke around your inboxes and make sure they haven’t been sent to your spam folder or anything like that. It goes live this Friday, through until Sunday, but failing that it’s only about six weeks or so until its global March 8th launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.