27 January 2016

Ex-Burnout Devs Reveal Destructive Golfing Game Dangerous Golf

Much like Burnout was quite famous for destruction, so too is Dangerous Golf. Over the course of 100 holes set in four locations, players will be expected to cause as much damage as possible using trick-shots and destructive power-ups.

The action takes places both indoors and outdoors, taking in locations as varied as medieval castles, hotel kitchens and petrol stations. Dangerous Golf uses an array of physics-based systems to present realistic damage, with nearly everything in the environments capable of shattering upon impact.
In Dangerous Golf, then it’s not about the Pars, Birdies and Eagles, it's all about causing as much damage all the way. Ricochets and trick-shots will score additional points and rack up multipliers, while abilities such as bomb blasts can set up additional chain reactions. There’s no footage to speak of yet, but it definitely reminds me of Burnout’s Crash mode, switching two-ton wrecks for a tiny golf ball.


From the looks of the screenshots so far, Dangerous Golf is certainly looking the part, and studio Three Fields Entertainment is really going whole hog on the destruction physics, incorporating PhysX, Apex Destruction, and Flex technology. Just imagine the prospect of smashing a flaming golf ball as hard as you can at a stack of fine bone china.