27 January 2016

DICE Lay Out Star Wars Battlefront Content Roadmap

EA and DICE’s post-launch plans for Star Wars Battlefront have been like running through treacle. But finally, after getting on for three months since launch, EA has detailed all that’s coming to its multiplayer shooter in a new DLC roadmap. The headline act is undoubtedly the Death Star coming as a map pack, presumably to play across all game modes including Fighter Squadron, for that proper A New Hope vibe.

That’s coming in Autumn though, and before then we’ve got plenty more coming, including a free DLC drop this week. The Tatooine map from Survival mode has now been rejigged and will be playable in multiplayer as Raider Camp, while Luke Skywalker and Han Solo will be getting some Hoth-themed outfits. Along with this is an update which finally adds the ability to create private matches, as well as introducing Daily Challenges and Community Events to earn credits and unlocks.

The freebies don’t quite end there either. In February the new Turning Point mode will be coming to all maps that currently support Walker Assault and Supremacy. Then in March, there’s a free new multiplayer Endor map, as well as an additional Tatooine Survival map. Looking further ahead, the paid add-on content begins rolling out in March, with four planned packs taking us all the way through until early 2017. The first drop is Outer Rim, and has players fighting among the factories of Sullust and Jabba’s palace on Tatooine. Then in the summer we’ll get our hands on the much requested Bespin, the cloud city from Empire Strikes Back. Autumn is the aforementioned Death Star pack, while expansion pack 4 is still an unknown, AKA DICE probably don't even know what it is yet. That’s all going to set you back a hefty $50 for the Season Pass, or can be picked up individually for an undisclosed price. EA has a history of discounting season passes so my advice to you is not to buy it until the last possible moment, just in case there’s a price drop.
What do you think then, is Star Wars Battlefront beginning to sound like a better deal with a few free maps? Or is the $50 Season Pass still too much for long-term players?