27 January 2016

Planet Coaster Creation Tools In New Trailer Allow You To Replicate Any Theme Park

Frontier’s Planet Coaster keeps looking absolutely insane in the latest behind-the-scenes developer diary.
I’d argue the level of control of offer here is pretty much unprecedented for a tycoon-style game. Each and every minute detail of track design can be prodded and pulled, so players aren’t stuck with rigid predefined pieces. There’s a great level of flexibility so you can work coaster tracks through caves, windows and even itself, rather than being hemmed in by the limits of a grid-based system.

The worry here, of course, is that it’s too complex to pick up and play, an aspect which most other theme park management games can boast of. Sam Denny, who happens to be the lead artist on Planet Coaster, reckons it’s a powerful tool that’s still relatively simple for newcomers, however. “Because it’s piece by piece, it’s pretty simplified, and initially allows you to build something quite straightforward. It’s a simple, effective tool to create a basic track.”
Frontier, who created RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, lest we forget, is also totally revamping park layouts. Your visitors will want things in certain places. so it’s not just a case of spreading out your merch stalls at various spaces, but instead placing them by ride exits and theming them to fit in with the ride. If the visitors have enjoyed the ride, they’ll be more inclined to head into shops and food stands which are cosmetically similar.