14 December 2015

OtherSide Entertainment Officially Announces System Shock 3

System Shock 3 is real! Following weeks of rumours, and confirmation that Night Dive Studios was remaking the original, System Shock 3 has been officially announced. In terms of dredging up the past this is right up there. OtherSide Entertainment are at the helm, in conjunction with Night Dive, who got access to the intellectual rights to the game after buying it off an insurance firm that forgot it had them. Videogames.

Heading back and trying to do it all again seems like a risky proposition, but there is a whiff of VR about the project. Signing up for email updates on System Shock 3 requires you to fill in a short survey gauging interest in virtual reality. With malevolent AI SHODAN ruling the roost it could be the perfect showcase of VR. It’s easy to see the possibilities of SHODAN interfering with your headset, warping the image or delivering static bursts. From the looks of it this is going to be a direct sequel to System Shock 2, with Terri Brosius even reprising her role as the voice of the murderous artificial intelligence. A number of key Looking Glass members are on board for System Shock 3 now, including concept artist Robb Waters and developer Paul Neurath. The original two System shock games were created by Looking Glass Studios, with that team disbanding and core members forming Irrational Games. They then worked on the Bioshock series, which was essentially the culmination of everything that Looking Glass had set out to achieve with System Shock. Now it’s in the hands of new studio OtherSide, which is trying to specialise in rebooting classic game franchises.