15 December 2015

Rocket League's Hockey Mode, Winter Event Now Available

The latest update for Rocket League is now available, bringing with it the previously revealed hockey mode and its winter event. Commonly Known as Snow Day, the hockey-esque mutator mode is played in an ice-themed arena with a puck in place of the standard ball. This can be played in a new, dedicated online playlist, which replaces the existing Mutator Mashup playlist.

Whether or not you're interested in Snow Day, there are new items available in the game for a limited time. By playing matches between now and January 4, you'll have the chance to unlock seven different Christmas-themed cosmetics. The full list follows below.

  • "Xmas" Rocket Trail
  • "Blitzen" Topper
  • "Christmas Tree" Topper
  • "Sad Sapling" Topper
  • "Santa" Topper
  • "Candy Cane" Antenna
  • "Holiday Gift" Antenna

You don't need to have purchased any of the game's DLC, including the recent Chaos Run pack, in order to play Snow Day or unlock the new items. Mutators were added in a free update in November that allow aspects of the game to be changed.