23 June 2016

You Can Pick Up Hyper-Realistic Shooter Series Arma for Cheap

    The Arma series of realistic military shooters attained a lot of notoriety for spawning the DayZ multiplayer survival mod, but it's been around a lot longer than that. It's also pretty well regarded, with Arma 3 selling over 2 million copies as of the end of 2015. If you want to try these games out, right now is a good time to jump in: all of the games in the series are on heavy discounts on Steam.

   If you head over to the Arma series' Steam page, you'll see that every game and expansion pack has had its price slashed. The very first game in the series, Arma: Combat Operations, is a particularly good deal at only $1.59. You can pick up the most recent game, Arma 3, for $20. If you're interested in checking out the older entries in the series, I'd recommend grabbing the Arma X: Anniversary Edition bundle, which includes Arma, Arma 2, the expansion packs, and all the DLC for $10.