23 June 2016

With Still No Red Dead Redemption on PC,Western Game Gun Now Available DRM-Free

Already available on Steam, Activision's 2005 Western, Gun, launched today on The Witcher developer CD Projekt's PC storefront GOG. The main difference between the two versions is that there is no DRM on the GOG edition. You can buy it here for $20.
    Gun casts players as gunslinger Colton White, a man seeking vengeance on the people who have wronged him. "The only thing left he can trust is his gun," reads a line from the game's description.

   Gun was created by Neversoft with a story written by The Mask of Zorro's Randall Jahnson. Similar to Red Dead Redemption, missions involve fighting on horseback, taking over trains, and collecting bounties, while you can also play poker and hunt buffalo.
The graphics of course look dated today, but it's remembered fondly for its gameplay, including a quickdraw feature that lets you slow down time while shooting.