25 May 2016

The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Drops New Trailer For The Final Quest

  The final piece of The Witcher 3 content, Blood and Wine, will be upon us next week and so CD Projekt Red have released a launch trailer for the DLC, showing off some of the darker aspects that monster slayers everywhere will be sinking their teeth into.

   The reviews have started coming in and critics are loving it so far. The Blood and Wine expansion sends you to Toussaint, a kingdom unsullied by war but that hides a dark secret that terrorises the lands. The trailer gives off a distinct Game of Thrones vibe, which I'm sure will excite many Witcher and GoT fans.

The trailer is set to the song “Blessed With A Curse” by Bring Me The Horizon, which fits the nature of the DLC wonderfully with soft movements that are followed by loud, angry bursts. Will you guys be joining Geralt for his final outing? Let us know if you think CDPR have struck gold again or if this is an expansion you’ll be leaving in the dark.