9 May 2016

Steam Page Leaks The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Expansion Launch Later This Month

  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s second and final major expansion, Blood and Wine, will be set for launch this very month. May 30th, to be exact. Its launch date was confirmed via its Steam landing page, which appeared momentarily before being swiftly pulled down - oops!. The cat’s well and truly out of the bag now CD Projekt, you may as well put it back up.

    Blood & Wine’s Steam page also briefly contained some tantalizing clues of what we can expect from the 20-hour expansion, although disappointingly those previous claims of a new landmass equaling the Skellige Isles have been shot down. The otherworldly land of Toussaint will be a new area the size of Novigrad or No Man’s Land.
   Still, at 20 hours long we mustn’t grumble, and it’s sweetened by the news that Geralt will get to own his very own vineyard. When he’s not kicking back, there’s a monster hunting mystery to solve; a beast is terrorizing the inhabitants of Toussaint and Geralt must piece together the clues from a series of brutal murders.