9 May 2016

Mafia 3 Gameplay Shows Inspiration From Bullitt

   When Matthias Worch, the design director for Mafia III, says the driving mechanics for its upcoming open-world crime romp were inspired by 60’s Hollywood action movies, stunt driving and Bullitt, I could’t help but tick off everything on my mental checklist of ‘what makes a game awesome’. Suffice to say , Mafia 3 is looking the part and in this latest trailer we get a look at how Hangar 13 is aiming to make things look slick every time you slip behind the wheel.
  From the things appear, they’re going for that GTA 5 approach to the vehicles, which I believe is a good thing, whereby all of them are easy to pick up and use but after a bit of a cruise you find yourself really settling into their capabilities. Surfaces will also have an impact though, so a wet road will cause your car to slip and slide a little, likewise dirt tracks.

Everything we’re seeing of Mafia III is painting a very promising picture. The last two games have been great in their own ways, but this time around with a brand new developer it’s difficult to tell just how it’s going to shake. Fingers crossed it can live up to the potential of this early footage. Mafia III is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 7th.