25 May 2016

DC Removes High-Profile Producer After Batman v Superman Disappointment

   The fallout from the critical and commercial disappointment of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice keeps on coming, with another personnel change within DC. This time it involves veteran producer, Charles Roven, who until now had been a high profile spokesman for DC's slate of superhero movies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Roven is being moved to an "executive producer" role and will not be "involved in day-to-day production." His involvement in the movies that he's currently producing, such as Justice League Part One, is undecided, but THR notes that he may continue to work on those films. The site also emphsizes that although Roven's change of position does form part of a general shakeup at DC, it could also be in response to a desire at parent studio Warner to increase the number of DC movies currently in production. Roven has been heavily involved with their creative development since 2005's Batman Begins.

    Last week it was revealed that the studio was establishing a new film division called DC Films to focus entirely on its superhero properties. This follows the disappointing box office returns for Dawn of Justice. Although that film has made a profit, it suffered a dramatic second week audience drop-off, and has been very much eclipsed by the huge success of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.