22 April 2016

The Division's New Bug Makes the AI Work for You

      A bug in The Division which allows players to render the final boss fight in the new Incursion a trivial affair has only just been fixed, and already players have realized a new bug that makes the fight even easier.
    As detailed in post on Reddit, the new bug involves reaching the area just prior to the final boss encounter in the Falcon Lost Incursion. One player follows a series of convoluted instructions that start out with using the Mobile Cover skill--which was involved in the last glitch--and end with falling through the floor.

   At this point the player performing the glitch, which is done while the rest of the team stands around doing nothing, is stuck floating above or near the APC that needs to be destroyed. Nearby enemies then begin attacking, but due to the player's position, they're invulnerable, leaving the APC to take damage from any grenades thrown by enemies.
     In short, you glitch your way to the boss and then let the game kill it for you. The prior bug at least forced you to do the damage yourself.
There's no telling exactly when Massive will patch this issue. Last time around, it took a week for a hotfix to be delivered that resolved the situation.
   You may want to avoid making use of this technique, as a community manager for the game said recently that players would be punished for taking advantage of the previous glitch.