15 April 2016

Take A Tour Of Stellaris Infinite Universe In Latest Trailer

     Take the practically limitless strategy elements of the likes of Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis IV, transport it to the infinite bounds of space, and you have the recipe for a serious vitamin D deficiency. Or at least, that’s what Paradox Interactive hopes with Stellaris, which is counting down to its imminent launch with an impressive new trailer. It’s the sort of trailer which has you nodding sagely, conjuring up your own maniacal plans for universal domination.
  It’s definitely got that Civilization vibe going on where there’s enough depth bubbling underneath the surface that it could well consume you whole if you let it. Campaigns span for the thousands of years, with alien empires to be discovered, planets to be mined, and interstellar fisticuffs to be had. 

   As you may have seen in the trailer, Paradox is also kicking off pre-orders for Stellaris too. You can nab the standard version for $39.99; the $49.99 Nova Edition which comes with a digital soundtrack and cosmetic DLC, or the $69.99 Galaxy Edition, which is all the above along with a digital art book, an eBook, and an exclusive wallpaper. Which is a whole of digital-ness, so its worthiness to most is going to vary.
Anyhow, regardless of which you’re after, Stellaris launches on May 9th for PC.