26 April 2016

PS4 Exclusive Nioh Lets You Choose to Improve Frame Rate or Resolution

     When it comes to console gaming, you normally won't be given a choice when it comes to technical settings. That's not the case with PS4 exclusive, Nioh, which allows you to choose between a more stable frame rate or a higher resolution.
    A free demo of Nioh is currently on offer from the PS4's store, and video game analyst ZhugeEX noticed the Game Mode setting. It lets you switch between "Action" and "Movie," which allows you to stabilize the frame rate or achieve a higher resolution respectively.

    It's not known if the rumored upgraded PS4 will take the best of both modes and combine the two. It was recently reported that all PS4 games released after October would need to include a mode for both the original and upgraded system. The Nioh demo will be available to play until May 5. If you complete it, you'll be able to "download The Mark of the Conqueror, which will entitle [you] to a reward in the final game."