26 April 2016

Official Fallout 4 Mod Program Lands on PC

    Bethesda is getting really serious about Fallout 4 mods, today launching the game's official modding tools, the Creation Kit, as well as a new hub where players can discover and download others users' creations. The post-apocalyptic RPG, of course already has tons of mods, but this is the first time Bethesda is releasing the Creation Kit, which is the same toolsuite that the developers use to build the game.

    Using the Creation Kit, PC users will be able to tinker with basically anything they want, including quests, environments, characters, dialogue, outfits, and weapons.
"The life of Fallout 4 in your hands is going to take us all places none of us anticipated," Fallout 4 director Todd Howard said in an accompanying video released today.
    In a blog post, Bethesda said its ambition for Fallout 4 modding was to make it "easier and more accessible than ever before" for creators and players alike. Another nice thing is that you can browse Fallout 4's mods and install them without leaving the game; a new "Mods" option will be available from Fallout 4's main menu. Additionally, Bethesda said it plans to "update and evolve" Fallout 4 modding in the future, encouraging people to leave feedback in the forums