18 April 2016

Play Fallout:New Vegas in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure YouTube Series

    Choose Your Own Adventure books may not be as popular as they used to be, but that doesn't mean their format isn't a fun one. YouTuber Many A True Nerd realizes this and has created a "Choose Your Own Apocalypse" game out of Fallout: New Vegas. The YouTube series follows the story of Fallout: New Vegas and asks players to make a decision at the end of each video. The first video starts with you waking up in bed, being told you've been shot, and then talking to townsfolk for clues as to who shot you. You then have to make a decision on where to go first: Primm or Las Vegas.
You can start your adventure in the video below.
    Many A True Nerd recommends players use a computer for his version of a Choose Your Own Adventure book as mobile devices don't support the use of annotations in YouTube videos. He's put the choices in the video descriptions, but he notes that "won't be quite so much fun."