23 April 2016

Next Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brings Along with it These Two Classes

    During the Rainbow Six Pro League finals today, Ubisoft showed Rainbow Six Siege's next big update, Operation Dust Line, and the two new operators that accompanies it. The first of these is a Defender named Valkyrie, who is a SPAS-12 shotgun-wielding character and can deploy sticky cameras. These can stick to any surface and are then accessible by any of her teammates, awesome.

   The other character is Blackbeard - LOL, right?- , an Attacker who has a shield mounted to his weapon, making him an ideal front-line character. He's also got a Desert Eagle at his disposal. Season pass holders will get access to the characters during the week of May 9, which is a bit later than was expected due to the delay of the previous update, Operation Black Ice.
   Ubisoft said this Operation takes the game to the Middle East, but there were no details or images shared regarding new maps.