19 April 2016

Latest Trailer For The Technomancer Goes In-Depth On This Sci-Fi RPG

    There’s a distinct mid-2000’s PC RPG vibe to what’s on offer in the extremely in-depth new gameplay trailer, with the titular Technomancer being a chap called Zachariah. He’s trapped on Mars and on the run from the Secret Police, but he’s got access to a range of technology-based powers to combat foes.

    The Technomancer has access to three stances which can be switched between, albeit on the fly. This includes fighting with a blade and shield, using a staff, or going all out attack with a blade and gun. The combat on offer here looks a bit shonky, but then which Euro RPG isn’t. It’s basically a prerequisite now. The Technomancer is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 21st. Which is, uh, the same day as No Man’s Sky. That makes it probably the worst day possible to release a budget sci-fi RPG, but I guess Hello Games’ enormously anticipated game could be a dud.

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