19 April 2016

Brand New Mafia III Trailer Drops Release Date And Story Details

    2K has released a brand new Mafia III trailer, and this one’s bringing the hype. The One Way Road story trailer takes the wraps off of a few of Mafia 3’s plot points, along with teeing up its thematic influences. The switch to 60’s New Orleans has undeniably made it a very different beast to the previous Mafia outings, and it’s easy to get some serious Vice City vibes from the way it which it encapsulates the crime drama of its particular period.

   The trailer also comes with the release date we’ve been hanging on for. Mafia III will be launching on October 7th worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If the rumours are true then we should also see a ‘NEO’ version of Mafia 3 launching on PlayStation 4K at the same time.

Now if you’ll excuse me for saying so, but that is one sweet, sweet trailer. They had me from the opening notes of Son of a Preacher. New Orleans is looking fantastic and in Lincoln Clay they’ve got a pretty damn unique protagonist for a game. The potential for four-way battles between the three competing Mafia outfits and the cops is already clear, and you can see from the second half that there’s some brutal action on offer.

From the sounds of things developer Hangar 13 is pulling a bit of a Shadow of Mordor, with a working mob system spread across New Orleans. Depending on you want to approach things you can take out the dons or weaken their support first. A light strategy element even allows you install your own lieutenants in specific neighbourhoods, making them your own. 

What do you make of the new Mafia 3 trailer? Everything you'd hoped for or just more of the same? Let us know!