18 March 2016

The Division Glitchers Escape Map

   Without doubt, plenty of you are at or quite close to The Division’s level 30 cap. You’ve smashed through the missions, quashed the last members of society who are desperately struggling to survive by any means necessary, shotgunned your fellow man in the face for a ‘trendy’ beanie. Look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong! No? That's what I thought! Attention inevitably turns then to what else may be out there. Thousands are no doubt attempting to crack and break The Division right now, but one particularly enterprising glitch-fiend has already managed to bust out of the confines of the midtown Manhattan map, exploring what else has Ubisoft Massive has been building. They’ve checked out the tantalising prospect of Central Park and beyond, including a gigantic aircraft carrier.

      Getting there as you can imagine is no simple feat. Chaz made use of a number of wall glitches, special abilities and tools to bust out and explore the work-in-progress areas which could well form part of The Division’s eventual mass of downloadable content. There’s some fairly neat things to be found out there, including a currently fairly rudimentary Central Park. According to the lore found in-game this has been turned into a mass grave, so there’s ample opportunity to expand on this. Likewise there’s giant battlecruiser docked at the port which looks like perfect fodder for a mission.

     How have you found your time with The Division, hit the cap yet? How are you hoping Ubisoft example it with DLC? Let us know!