18 March 2016

Destiny April Update Release Date and Details

     Those faithful fans awaiting the Destiny Update 2.2.0 won't have to wait any longer than a month, as the newly-named "April Update" arrives on April 12 with a number of new things for players. Developer, Bungie, disclosed the date in "This Week at Bungie" on its website. Some details were also given about what players can expect to find when the ulaunches next month.
    PVE challenges, new and updated gear, and a new quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike, among other things will be thrown at Destiny players. Players can expect to see an increase to their maximum Light and rewards, as well as updates to the Sandbox and Crucible. Bungie added a picture of three guardians that look a lot like the Taken, though the company did not announce a shader inspired by the Destiny enemies.The April Update is included with the purchase of Destiny: The Taken King and will be available to download on April 12.

     Bungie will provide more details on the update over the next three weeks on Twitch. The developer will host livestreams every Wednesday from here until the update's launch. You can see more details on what each livestream will consist of below:

April Update Preview: New Things to Do

  • Wednesday, March 23 at 11 AM Pacific

April Update Preview: New Things to Earn

  • Wednesday, March 30 at 11 AM Pacific

April Update Preview: Sandbox and Crucible Updates

  • Wednesday, April 6 at 11 AM Pacific