11 March 2016

Rocket League Dev Hints Basketball Mode

   Rocket League might soon be updated with a new mode that changes goalposts for basketball hoops, according to a teaser image from developer Psyonix. As seen written on the studio’s official Twitter page, Psyonix asked its followers “who wants a teaser for something we’re releasing later this year?” Later it revealed a picture of a Rocket League court with a giant neon basketball hoop and backboard at the goal-end.

    It also showed the three-point line on the court, indicating  that players can get bonus points for scoring at distance. A basketball mode would basically change how Rocket League plays. The critically acclaimed indie title is popular for its soccer-but-with-cars conceit, tasking players to score goals by throttling their vehicles against a giant ball. Going by the image, a basketball mode would require players to flight the ball in order to score. Since airborne ball control is one of the trickiest skills to master in Rocket League, such a mode may have been designed with core fans in mind.