16 March 2016

Paradox Reveals Dates For Stellaris And Hearts Of Iron IV

   Paradox strategy games are quite popular for getting their hooks into unwary players. Many a gamer has spent thousands of hours in Europa Universalis and its like, so it’s with some trepidation I inform you that Paradox Interactive has revealed the dates of not one, but two new strategy titles coming our way. Space-faring new 4X IP Stellaris will be with us on May 9th, while Hearts of Iron IV will be with us just four weeks later, hitting on June 6th. That’s an awful lot of planet/space conquering in a short space, so it’s going to be a great time for strategy fans. To go along with the release date announcement we’ve also got a pair of new trailers, peeling back just what these new entries are bringing to the table.

Stellaris looks as if it might well be Civilization in space done right. Yep, I’m looking at you Civilization: Beyond Earth. It’s the first time Paradox has ever done a sci-fi strategy game so it’ll be interesting to see just how they handle this.

Then there’s the small matter of Hearts of Iron IV. One for the cigar-puffing warmongers in our midst, this provides major level of spit and polish to the long-running World War Two strategy series, adding 3D battles to the war room.
Plenty to look forward to for strategy fans then, which of these are you planning to pick up?